My Thalidomide Story of Struggle, Strength and Success!


This is a bittersweet candid conversation of the pain that my family and I have endured over the years. I really can’t imagine what it was like for my mother and my ‘Grandma Rogers’ and what they went through, that horrific Thursday May 23rd, in 1963; the day that I was born. My mother was expecting her third child, she was excited and thrilled that it was almost that time…

Thinking back to her young mind in the Doctors Office on Nash Street in Wilson, North Carolina the only black Dr. in town. She trusted him as he gave her a sample bottle of medicine to soothe her nausea and morning sickness. “Those white pills better help,” she said to herself. Months later in Mercy Hospital in the delivery room, the chaos and confusion began. “Oh my God, what have I done?”

Looking back over my life, I realized that God knew the plans for me and what I would have to endure throughout my life.

Today I AM BLACK HISTORY…One of the few black Thalidomide babies living in the United States of America; The 1st and only black Thalidomide baby that became a Certified

Les Brown Platinum Motivational Speaker and the 1st  “Eagle Without Wings” that is Soaring High!





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