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Dr. Tawana Williams-ONE SHEET

Look what God has done through this woman Tawana Williams, she’s the most motivational person I know!”
-Les Brown, Author, World Renowned Speaker

The words ‘I can‘t’ are not an option for Tawana Williams! When you meet Tawana, she will not tell you about how she survived the trauma of gang rape. She will not tell you about her experience with abortion and the miraculous birth of her daughter. She will not tell you about how God delivered her from a ten-year struggle with crack and cocaine addictions. Tawana will simply tell you that, “if you decide to do something in your life, you can do it.” She knows this lesson because she lives it every day of her life. When you meet her, you’ll see why her life was full of challenges. She was born without arms and impaired use of her legs. This is why she likes to tell others that because of her relationship with God, she considers herself “UNarmed But Dangerous!”

Tawana was born in Wilson, North Carolina in 1963 without arms, due to the drug Thalidomide that was given to her mother during pregnancy. Her legacy is connected to President John F. Kennedy who intervened in this complicated situation as Tawana’s mother cried out for help. Months later, she was trained as a baby to use her feet as hands. She can do just about anything that someone with arms can do, even braid hair, type, text, and draw. She grew up in the Washington, DC area where she attended school, and in 1981 as a senior, she became addicted to crack cocaine because of peer pressure.  Her addiction lasted 10 years. In August of 1991, after being tired of her lifestyle, she cried out to a God that she didn’t know and asked for deliverance from her addictions. He answered instantly!Today, she captivates audiences with her power voice and ability to do what others might think are impossible. Tawana is the Author of seven books and is changing lives one person at a time. She’s making American History by being the first black Tha-li-do-mide baby in the United States that became a Certified Les Brown Platinum Speaker in 2004! 

Tawana is a ‘Bright Light’ to the world! She was interviewed by Oprah’s Producers twice by phone.Tawana has been featured in several National Magazine Publications such as Homes of Color, Hope for Woman, Epitome, Queen Size, CEO, and WOW Magazines just to name a few. She was awarded the True Servant Award from The Agape Gospel Academy in Atlanta, GA. Recognition of Excellence from The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2006, 2007 & 2010. Essence of A Woman Talk Show/Inspirational Award in 2008, Community Service Award (Women in Excellence) in 2010, National Disability Employment Awareness Month Award 2015, Lifetime Achievement Award from President Barack Obama in 2015, Arch Angel Award 2016, The Red Letter Award in 2020, Shining Star Award from Toastmasters International in 2022, Awarded The ‘Favor’ Award from This Is It Southern Kitchen & Bar-B-Q Corporation in Feb. 2023. Tawana was Awarded two ‘Proclamations’ Tawana Williams Appreciation Day & Women’s History Month from The Fulton County Georgia; Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman on March 1, 2023. On March 15, 2023, Tawana was Awarded a ‘Proclamation’ of Hope from The Greater Georgia Black Chamber of Commerce in 2023. Lifetime Achievement Award from President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. in 2023. On June 17, 2023 Tawana received an Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarianism from The Global International Alliance University (GIA) in Atlanta, GA for her 26 plus years of service & giving Hope to the world! She’s been Endorsed in writing as ‘A Beacon of Hope’ by the former Mayor Bruce Rose and the current Mayor-Carlton Stevens, Jr. in her hometown of Wilson, NC, and many others. Tawana and her husband ‘Toby’ were crowned Mr. and Mrs. AGAPE OF LOVE from The Agape Gospel Academy and she was the Former Spokesperson for The Agape Gospel Academy from 2008 to 2011. Tawana is “The HOPE Coach” and she’s changing lives around the world and letting others know that ‘All things are Possible when you Believe.’ She and her family currently reside in Wilson, North Carolina.

For speaking engagements, media interviews or to purchase her books & products, order 
Exclusively/Only @ or call (252)291-6081 From 9am-9pm EST.

“God Graced Tawana’s feet to do what hands do!”-Dr. Creflo Dollar

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