Tawana Williams is the most motivational person that I know!”-World Renowned Speaker/Author-Les Brown

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“Excuses don’t hide, they just reveal who you really are.”

“The HOPE Coach”-Tawana Williams Speaker Reel

“The HOPE Coach”-Tawana Williams is “UNarmed But Dangerous!”


The Early Years:

Tawana was born in Wilson, North Carolina without arms and impaired use of her legs due to the drug Thalidomide that was given to her mother during pregnancy. Tawana’s mother loved her child so much and didn’t know how to care for her, so she started contacting Social Services and The Department of Human Resources. After weeks with no response, she sat down and wrote a letter to President John F. Kennedy about Tawana’s situation and asked for his help. A few weeks later he responded and intervened!

At 11-1/2 months old, Tawana was taken to Duke Cerebral Palsy Hospital to be trained (long term) to use her feet as if they were her hands.

At the age of 4-1/2 years old, she moved to Washington, DC with her mother and three sisters. 

Each summer Tawana and her sisters stayed with Grandma Rogers. Tawana’s mom knew that her mother was the families connection to God and she made sure that her girls would have that same opportunity.

Tawana’s Aunts, Uncles and family members all protected her well being throughout her life.

As a teenager Tawana loved participating in local talent shows as a singer. She was always a happy and feisty child, she was the light of the party. Grandma Rogers told Tawana as a child “I knew you would do something with your mouth/voice because you talk all the time and you talk too much.” 

Tawana’s Grandma Rogers was the matriarch of the family and she made sure that Tawana was taken care of, even though she lived hundreds of miles away in North Carolina; that was her baby and she prayed, spoke life and watched over her until she passed in 1999.

In 1996, Tawana began her life’s journey as a Motivational Speaker giving Hope across the country.


 Tawana learned how to adapt in any situation, she’s a self sufficient and independent woman on the move! She learned to master what she had early in life!

Tawana writes, types and irons with her feet. As a teenager, her sisters taught her how to sweep using her chin and shoulders.

WOW, she’s amazing…”All Things Are Possible To Them That Believe!”

Tawana continues to push others to be all they can be. She serves them right where they are…

“God Blessed Tawana’s Feet to do what Hands do!”- Dr. Creflo Dollar


On December 25, 1991 Tawana married her childhood sweetheart ‘Toby’ and they vowed to love each other for the rest of their lives!

They inspire couples around the world with their unconditional love for each other!


What you’ll learn at Tawana’s Speaking Presentations:

  • How to personally develop who you are.

  • How to move from Mediocrity to Abundance.

  • How to Create what you want.

  • How to take Control and Ownership of your life.

  • How to be Totally Committed to your life.

  • How Self-Motivation & Focus are Keys to Constant Success.

  • How to move from Ordinary to Extraordinary.

  • How to live a life with “No More Excuses!”

  • How to help the Disabled/Wounded Soldiers overcome their Adversities.

  • How to Stop Procrastinating.

  • How to Believe in Yourself.

  • How to Change your Mind-Set.

  • How to Figure-It-Out. 

  • How To WIN, WIN, WIN and much more…

Tawana’s Presentations are Power Packed with Information, Motivation, Inspiration, Strategies, Tips, Tears, Joy, Laughter, Demonstrations, Book Signings & much more.

She Transforms lives and shows us just How Blessed We Really Are!

Tawana leaves a lasting impression to all that attend her events; no matter their age, gender, religion, disability or financial background; she will change your Mind-Set and your Perspectives…

“You have everything you need to succeed.”-Tawana Williams

Tawana challenges us all to use what we have and to do more in our lives!

Tawana is Co-Producer of her upcoming Debut Movie

“Eagle Without Wings”No Excuses, Everyone Can Fly!

It’s based on her classic book  “UNarmed But Dangerous”

-The Tawana Williams Story of Relentless Struggle and Ultimate Victory!

Tawana’s poignant and heroic true life story of how she overcame it all…

Partner with Team Eagle today and be apart of American History! www.EagleWithoutWings.com

A Full Length Motion Picture

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“The HOPE Coach”-Tawana Williams…As Seen On:

Tawana, I just wanted you to know that you really inspired our hearts when you came to Greater Wynns Grove Baptist Church. You touched my family’s heart even my 17 year old son (you stepped all on his toes!) Please stay encouraged and we will continue praying for you and your family. Your spiritual family, The Thompsons’
The Thompsons’
Ms. Williams, I just wanted to stop by and say I am really inspired and you are an inspiration to me. I was watching Judge Hatchett and you were on the show and it really touched my heart. I am a 29-year-old quadriplegic, I was not born this way. And I often find it hard to deal with. But every time I get down, something or someone always come across that makes me thankful for just being alive. I think it is amazing the things that you do for yourself.

“The HOPE Coach”-Tawana Williams singing “I Won’t Complain!”

“The HOPE Coach”-Tawana Williams

Appearances, Connections, Family & Friends!


Tawana’s Classic Book:

“UNarmed But Dangerous”-The Tawana Williams Story

 Foreword By: Les Brown

Have you ever heard someone’s voice and they spoke to the very core of your being? I have!

Have you ever met someone and instantly you knew you were in the presence of greatness? I have!

Have you ever met someone who had so much going against them that you wondered how they were able to survive and then felt ashamed of yourself for living a defeated life? I have! That’s how I felt when I met Tawana.

Born without arms and with a tiny stature of just over 4 ft., she overcame child molestation, poverty, rape, mental and physical abuse, addiction to crack and cocaine amongst other painful tragedies. Using her feet, she learned how to write and draw beautiful works of art, answer the phone, cook and live a normal life. She operates a business, mesmerizes audiences as a motivational speaker and can sing the roof off of a church. In addition to all those things I will venture to say that her greatest joy is being a devoted loving wife to her soul mate and God given companion, Toby. To see them together and the love they express for each other is the greatest example I have ever seen of what love truly is. Toby, a gifted speaker and a servant husband taught me and the men in one of my recent Speaker Training Summits, how to serve and treat a woman with class. We were humbled and felt blessed to learn from his example and in particular to be in their presence to witness their devotion to each other.

There is no question in my mind that Tawana will impact peoples’ lives around the world through her classic book, UNarmed But Dangerous. This warm, inspiring and incredible human spirit does so much with so little, that she challenges all of us to look within and realize how much more life has to offer if only we were willing to commit ourselves to do what is required to live a more significant life.

Tawana’s life example will inspire you to soar to new heights and to accomplish things that will literally amaze you. Although Tawana does not carry a gun or a knife, she is truly unarmed and dangerous because she uses the weapons of her faith in God and her unfailing commitment to serve His calling on her life, as we all should do. After reading this book your life will never be the same again.

“Tawana, the world is a better place because you showed up!”

Les Brown-World Renowned Motivational Speaker- Author of Live Your Dreams, It’s Not Over Until You Win and Up Thoughts For Downtimes! Mrs. Mamie Browns Baby-Boy…