"Excuses or Results, You can't have both!"

~Dr. Tawana Williams

Dr. Tawana Williams

“The HOPE Coach”

I am “The HOPE Coach” because I’m giving Hope to the world one person at a time, one speaking engagement at a time; because that’s who I am. I was Born to do this, I was Born to Serve others and help them WIN! I’m so grateful that I didn’t quit and yes, I could’ve easily created a list of a million in one legitimate excuses but I’ve learned that “Excuses don’t hide they just reveal who you really are” and my motto is “Excuses or Results, You can’t have both!” And I continue to choose Results because that’s who I am… and that’s why I’m “UNarmed But Dangerous” and an “Eagle Without Wings!”

My life-changing story sets me apart from other speakers because I meet people right where they are in their lives and then we build them up & give them Hope with Power & Conviction because I was created to be an Effective Communicator that Soars High!

I convey these three points to my audience:

"Meeting this extraordinary woman of God made a huge difference in my life!"

-Luci Lamm

Speaking Engagements

Motivational speaker shares her story

Tawana Williams talks with the Airmen and youth from Mount Pleasant M.B. Church at Columbus Air Force Base.

Women's Empowerment Expo

Tawana addresses the room of nearly 100 attendees including Radio One Raleigh sponsors, for the Women’s Empowerment Expo.

Guest Speaker World Changers Church

Tawana was the Guest Speaker at World Changers Church New York for the 12th Year Anniversary; God Moved!

“Honestly, I was blown away. My favorite part of the event was that she came here and talked to the young people. She made it a point to tell them they could do anything they set their minds to and that there are no limits to what they can do.”
Chief Master Sgt. Tracy Tolliver

Spectrum TV Interview
"The HOPE Coach"

Dr. Tawana shares how she 'Beat The Odds' and overcame adversities & challenges on their "Everyday Heroes" Segment!

                “The HOPE Coach”-Dr. Tawana Williams

        Celebrity Connections, Appearances & Friends!!!

“Tawana is the example in my book of a World Changer!”-Dr. Creflo Dollar


Tawana has mastered her life in such in amazing way, that we ought to be ashamed of ourselves for living defeated lives when we have everything we need. She’s ‘The Master Motivator’ & ‘Hope Influencer’ of this generation…And she’s teaching others how to live with “No More Excuses!” Her story displays the Power of God’s spirit to birth destiny from despair. If you’ve ever asked the question, why me?

If you’ve ever known devastating loss, be equipped and transformed as you embark on this remarkable voyage of one Extraordinary Servant from the paralysis of victimization, to warrior triumphant. Her compelling story is one of Triumph, Perseverance and Determination. She’s the over comer of this generation and generations to come.

Need-A-Speaker for your next Event? Call Dr. Tawana at (252)291-6081 from 9am-9pm est.

“Excuses don’t hide, they just reveal who you really are.”

~ Dr. Tawana Williams

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