“The Hope Coach”-Tawana Williams is Co-Producer of her Debut Movie

“Eagle Without Wings” based on her classic book “UNarmed But Dangerous”

The Tawana Williams Story of Relentless Struggle and Ultimate Victory!


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“Eagle Without Wings” is based on Tawana’s Classic Book “UNarmed But Dangerous”-The Tawana Williams Story of Relentless Struggle and Ultimate Victory which will be a  Motion Picture coming soon!

In “UNarmed But Dangerous,” Tawana Williams tells the poignant and heroic story of being born without arms and impaired use of her legs due to the drug Thalidomide that was given to her mother during pregnancy. Tawana’s story is connected to President John F. Kennedy! In her lifetime, she’s conquered the trauma of gang rape, raped by her step father, abortion, the miraculous birth of her daughter, marrying her childhood sweetheart ‘Toby,’ drug addiction and many other challenges. Tawana Beat The Odds!  

 Where do you turn when pain destroys every dream you’ve ever had? When every door of hope has been shut to you? Heartache and affliction in some way touch each of our lives. Amidst the attacks of trials and injustice, our survival is determined by our choice to surrender or to stand on the faith of God’s redemptive power. 

For every fighter who ever stood alone, one woman’s life tells the story of victory dawning after the darkest night.”-Tawana Williams

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“The Hope Coach”-Tawana Williams



We, The Management of Tawana Williams and ‘Team Eagle’ are proud to present the beginning phase of creating her Debut ‘Movie’ “Eagle Without Wings.” The Movie is based on her Classic Book “UNarmed But Dangerous” The Tawana Williams Story and it will surely change lives. We are excited about this vision. The Investors for the film are in position and addition to that, perhaps you would like to Partner ‘Team Eagle’ to see your name on the Credits, to be called as an Extra and receive other Perks too? We really want you to get involved today. Please Partner with us & Participate in this amazing journey! If interested, please call Co-Producer Tawana Williams @ 252-291-6081 to get started now!

Our vision is to raise as much as we can for the project! Every dollar will go towards completing this Epic, Inspiring Movie! At this time, we are asking our friends, family & fans to Donate whatever you can to support the vision. Currently, we are accepting all donations of any amount; nothing’s too small. Tawana and her husband Toby have traveled tirelessly since 1996 helping others to live with “No More Excuses” and 9 ½ of those years they did it free of charge; WOW!

 We really want you to get involved today. We are confident that after the ‘Movie’ is released and in Theaters, lives will be changed, people will be delivered and set free because Tawana’s story captivates, motivates and eliminates all excuses in the lives of people and we believe that you will help us bring Tawana’s story of heroism come to life on Film!

Our ultimate goal is to shoot many scenes of the ‘Movie’ in Tawana’s hometown of Wilson, North Carolina. Perhaps, there maybe a scene or two shot in your town; you never know! This ground breaking blessing will be a win-win opportunity for all that participate. She is making American History! At some point of the process there will be a casting call and then jobs will be created to showcase the gifts & talents in different diverse communities throughout America.

In essence, we need the support of many cities including the City of Wilson, North Carolina The former Mayor of Wilson-Bruce Rose and The current Mayor-Carlton Stevens, Jr. (they have both Endorsed Tawana in writing as a Beacon of Hope),  delegates, other constituents, community leaders, professional business owners, the media and many communities at large to make this vision work.

Remember, “We are Greater than I.”-Chris Fields 

Thank you for your support in advance.  Love, ‘Team Eagle!’

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