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Tawana’s ‘Eagle Story’ Promotional Ad!

We at ‘Team Eagle’ are excited about “Eagle Without Wings” Movie, Co-Producer Tawana Williams & Screenwriter Richard Haber presents an inspiring and dramatic true story of a woman who overcame being born without arms and impaired use of her legs to become an Internationally acclaimed Les Brown Platinum Motivational Speaker, TV Personality. Author, Artist, Advocate, Life Coach, Mentor, Former Talk Show Host, Executive Producer, Co-Producer, Businesswoman, Humanitarian & CEO! 

“Eagle Without Wings” is a full length motion picture that tells the true story of a modern day “heroine,” a woman with physical disabilities that would be obstacles for a normal person but not for Tawana Williams. “No Excuses, Everyone Can Fly!” The Investors for the film are in position and we are asking you to SHARE this information & Partner with us to have your name on the credits of the ‘Movie,’ a seat at The Red Carpet Gala,  to be called as an Extra and other perks too! There’s also an opportunity to have your Brand/Logo or your Product Placement Integrated into the Story line of the Movie; Wow, that’s Amazing!  However, if you are not in the position to Partner with us, we ask that you make a Donation today and contribute whatever you can @,  or our Crowdfunding Campaign  @ No amount is too small! Every dollar will be used to complete this project! Our methods of payment are PayPal-the email is & our Cash App name is: $TawanaHWilliams (her photo is there, she has a red flower in her hair).

Please don’t procrastinate with this assignment, as we are moving quickly & swiftly because people need HOPE! “Eagle Without Wings” Movie Shall Come To Pass and we don’t want you to miss your opportunity to be apart of American History! 

Although Tawana was born without arms she lives without excuses everyday of her life! Please Partner with ‘Team Eagle’ today! Partnership & Sponsorship positions are still available but when they’re gone-they’re gone…Partner with us today and get involved.

Call Co-Producer Tawana Williams  @ 252-291-6081 with any questions or concerns.

Thank you in advance & God Bless You. Love‘Team Eagle’

 All Partners will be called to be an Extra in the Movie before the general public participates…


“If You want it, then don’t give yourself any more Excuses not to go get it.”

“The HOPE Coach”-Tawana Williams


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CashApp $TawanaHWilliams (she has a red flower in her hair in the photo) or Credit Card Donations

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Hi Tawana, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book, “UNarmed But Dangerous.” I took the book with me while in Montreal and there I had the opportunity to read it throughout its entirety. My thoughts after reading it are as follows: “What motivation and inspiration birthed through struggle, strength and survival.” 

Tawana Williams’ story is a true testament of the power of God and how HE strategically equips us with everything we need for our success and survival. “UNarmed But Dangerous” has the makings of an Academy award-winning movie. “Powerfully Riveting!” J.R.



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A disabled Wilson woman is lobbying Congress, the Federal Aviation Administration and Gov. Mike Easley on a quest to have every U.S. Airport install a Family Assistance RestRoom F.A.R.R).

A word of warning to officials at the unequipped airports — Tawana Williams usually achieves what she wants.  Despite being born without arms, Williams has learned to care for herself, built a successful public speaking career and raised a daughter.