Wilson’s Former-Mayor Bruce Rose and Current Mayor-Carlton Stevens, Jr.

City of Wilson North Carolina

Les Brown

World-Renowned Motivational Speaker & Author

There are books that can give you a bridge to discover your true self; and the power to take your life to new heights. This book is such a book. It will encourage you; it will expand your vision of yourself. It will create a thirst to get out of your head, and to step into your greatness. Tawana Williams is the message that she brings. She brings in a very “UNarming” way, a message that is so powerful that it will literally transform your life. Every page of Motivation for the Soul-Move or be Moved is riveting with ideas and gems that can take you to the next level. This is a book, that is a must read, for everybody that is serious about living their dreams, and making a difference on the planet. “God bless you Tawana, you’ve made me proud”. This has been Mrs. Mamie Browns’ baby boy-Les Brown! Live Your Dreams; It’s Not Over Until You Win, and Up Thoughts For Downtimes. Les Brown-World-Renowned Speaker, Author



LaShawn McCrary Motivational Messenger

Fearless, Powerful, Dynamic, and Dangerous!

Tawana Williams is not only a force to be reckoned with when it comes to motivational speaking, but she is molding and shaping a new wave of powerful people through her mentorship. As a men tee of Tawana, I respect and admire her for turning her tragedies into triumphs, and proving that she is more than a conquerorNot only is she strong and determined, but humble and loving. It is through her love and dedication as a messenger of hope and inspiration that she is able to continuously strive to make the world a better place; one message, one book, one men tee, one audience at a time. Tawana is a gift from God. Open your gift, and allow her greatness to bless your life. LaShawn McCrary, Motivational Messenger


 Cherilyn Vonn

Live Your Life Powerfully & Purposefully

Tawana Williams has a heart as big as her smile, and she’s an icon in the making!  She understands that in order to be an excellent leader you must first be a humble servant! Through her powerful keynotes, inspirational teleconferences, life-altering books, and in-depth coaching; Tawana inspires all that she encounters. Her love is unconditional, her faith is unshakable and her passion for life is contagious and affects everyone that hears the sound of her voice!  If you reside on Sorrow’s Valley or Victim’s Blvd;  Motivation For The Soul: Move or be Moved, will serve as your eviction notice, moving you from Mediocrity to Victory Lane, and teaches you how to stop being a “volunteer victim”, and to become a “valiant victor”!

Cherilyn Vonn, Live Your Life Powerfully & Purposefully,

CEO of Unveiling The Mask Enterprises, LLC


Johnny Wimbrey

Motivational Speaker, Author & Coach

After meeting Tawana Williams at a Les Brown Speaker Training in Atlanta, I realized that there was absolutely No Excuse Expectable for not living your dreams. Read this book, and allow your mind to stretch towards unlimited possibilities. Even without arms nothing is out of reach for Tawana Williams! She is truly an extraordinary woman, and that’s why she is; “UNarmed But Dangerous”.

 Johnny Wimbrey


Mark Anthony Garrett

Professional Speaker, Trainer and Author

When it comes to overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles and adversities, Tawana Williams and her co-authors fit the bill.  Tawana Williams and her circle of friends new book is a must read for anyone who is searching for the truth as to what it takes to become victorious in life.  The remarkable stories, tips, analogies and strategies given in this book are a roadmap to success for those who desire to take full control of their lives, never make excuses again, and develop a mental toughness that allows them to live a life full of happiness, purpose and ultimate fulfillment. Mark Anthony Garrett, Professional Speaker, Trainer and Author



Dr Stan “Break Through” Harris Author, Speaker,

Consultant & Coach

I’ve spoken in all 50 States and 27 Countries, I’ve met thousands of people and out of them all Tawana Williams stands out as a very unique and powerful person! Once you meet her, or hear her story, you will never give excuses again, and your hope will be renewed! Her first book “UNarmed but Dangerous” is awesome, and this book is bound to change many lives because she has included some of the people whom she’s inspired and mentored. I heartily recommend that you not just read this book, but get a few copies for your friends, you’ll be glad that you did!

Dr Stan “Break Through” Harris Author, Speaker,

Consultant & Coach


Dr. Joe L. Dudley, Sr.

Author, Motivational Speaker, President & CEO of Dudley Hair Care Products Inc.

Read this book!  If you are downhearted, discouraged or feel that life is too much to go on…STOP!  Read UNarmed But Dangerous by Tawana Williams.  I often tell people: “You haven’t lived long enough to be pessimistic. You haven’t seen enough to lose hope. You don’t know enough to be able to predict what good things tomorrow will bring.” When I met Tawana Williams, the author and motivational speaker, I truly understood that I have nothing to be pessimistic about.  God will bring you through. Having survived rape, drugs, and physical challenges, Tawana’s my modern day Joseph.  Her story is a beacon to all of us to carry on. Don’t quit!  Don’t give up!  Read Unarmed but Dangerous by Tawana Williams and you will receive the hope you need.  Hear her speak and you will understand why we say: “To God be the Glory!”

Dr. Joe L. Dudley, Sr.


Dr. Charles Phillips, Pastor Kingdom Christian Center Church Washington, DC

As an individual who have traveled to more than 20 nations of the world, invited to the White House twice, and spoken to audiences of 25,000 at a time, I am not easily impressed. But, when I first met Tawana in Atlanta I was immediately aware of the fact that there was something different about her besides not having arms. Her independence and jovial attitude quickly distracted me from what some would call a handicap. As she spoke that day, she had us laughing at one moment and cringe the next, yet none of it had to do with sadness. She seemed to be 10 feet tall that day as she inspired us all. Somehow her not having arms did not bother her at all, and it made us not be bothered either. She talked like she could accomplish anything. It was like her disbelief had been suspended. A few months later I invited her to be a keynote speaker at a seminar I hosted. When she finished speaking and demonstrating what she could do with her feet she literally was overwhelming to those in attendance. I believe everybody walked out of the room that night destroying every excuse they came in with. Later, spending personal time with her and Toby further showed me what an incredible women I was in the presence of. I would not only like to give this book the highest recommendation but also recommend that you have her come to your community to experience her live. And I do mean live!

Dr. Charles Phillips, Pastor

Walesia Robinson Cates, M.D. President, National C.H.E.C.K.  U. P.

“What a beautiful and blessed book of Tawana Williams’ life’s journey!  In UNarmed But Dangerous, Williams draws us into a greater appreciation of God’s transforming love. As she has shown by examples that help, hope and honor can be each of ours for the taking.”

Dr. Walesia Robinson Cates

Dr. Valorie N Parker-Hagan

“Representing The Very Best”

Tawana Williams is a phenomenal Speaker, Teacher and Author.  Our first encounter was on the telephone.  I consider myself to be a strong businesswoman but when I spoke to Tawana, we went toe to toe.  I had no idea it was literal on her part; going toe to toe.  When I had the opportunity to meet this wonderful woman personally, I was amazed at the fact that she did not have arms.  I was humbled because she didn’t use her incapacity to receive special treatment.  When she says that she’s just like you, she means it and lives it. Today she inspires me to do more and to be more.  I have learned by her unstoppable personality that whatever I needed, the power was within me to achieve it.  I know that people come and go but friendships are for an eternity.  Tawana often says, “Val, thank you for being my friend,” The truth of the matter is, that I am honored to be one of Tawana’s friends. Read Tawana Williams and the Circle of Friends, Motivation for the Soul-Move or Be Moved and your life will never be the same.

Dr. Valorie N Parker-Hagan “Representing The Very Best”